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Pressure Calibration Alerts and Reminders

calibration reminders and alerts

Our latest application note looks at how the XP2i is helping companies avoid costly mistakes and potential fines by alerting them when their calibration equipment needs service.

Our XP2i pressure gauge has user-customizable features that allow a technician to set the calibration due date of their gauge based on their company policies. Then, based on that date, the XP2i will alert them before that date, so they can take the gauge out of service and complete its calibration. If they need to send the XP2i to a calibration house, the technician can set the alert time to 30 days prior. If the company has its own lab, maybe an alert 14 days prior is more appropriate. Our free software allows the user to decide and set up the gauge for their particular situation.

Once the due date arrives, we again give multiple options for how the gauge should react, from a simple start-up warning to making the gauge inoperable until a user updates the calibration due date. The choice is yours.

To download our complete application note, click here.

See our product page here for more information on the XP2i and its many user-friendly features.